Bloodrock Ridge – Survivor’s Curse

Ever since puberty, Jason Miller has been infatuated with the beautiful Piper. When her previous boyfriend disappears mysteriously, Jason finally finds himself living his dream as her new boyfriend.


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Book Description

Anne Marie survived a great tragedy at her high school in southern California in which her boyfriend, along with several other students and a teacher, all die in a variety of tragic accidents. Her family decides to move away from the hurt of the tragedy and the hectic life of southern California and start over in a small Rocky Mountain city in Colorado called Bloodrock Ridge.

It soon appears that Anne Marie’s past may not have stayed buried… or is she simply suffering from Survivor’s Curse?

Bloodrock Ridge, Colorado, is home to more than its fair share of hauntings, mysterious deaths, and there are even some stories that tell of strange creatures that prowl the streets. Many powerful people and entities are vying for control of the souls within Bloodrock Ridge. Now, there are whispers of an ancient evil returning to Bloodrock Ridge…